G2 Team Inferno CSGO Panorama UI Free Download

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G2 Team Inferno
Animated or Static Background:
Static Background
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Instruction on how to install G2 Team Inferno Panorama UI Background:

1. Download background Files by the link. Depending on the background you are downloading, it may have different names.
You need 3 files .webm format - "cbble", "cbble540p", "cbble720p" or "blacksite", "blacksite540p", "blacksite720p" or "sirocco_night", "sirocco_night540p", "sirocco_night720p" file names can be named in different ways, so copy the ones in your download folder.

2. Copy them and paste them in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\panorama\videos folder.
Note: You can paste only .webm files

3. Start the game, and go to "Settings Menu" - "Video" - "Main Menu Background Scenery" and select the background that you replaced in the game folder

4. You are ready to go!
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